PDF files to be Shared in "view-only"

Share PDF online by URL or QR
Features of entensive protection methods
Email Readnotification and access records for tracking analysis
Viewability includes access limit,and per reading session
Meet the needs for both campaign distribution and DRM protection

Upload Now Access Logs Offine PDF with DRM
Access to Control Panel(optional)
Safeguard your PDF documents with MaiPDF's free online PDF DRM solution. With its robust features, you can control access, customize settings, and even modify shared PDFs. Protect your sensitive information and maintain control over your shared documents. Experience the benefits of free online PDF DRM at MaiPDF.com.

First Step: Upload your PDF file

1: SafeLink --- 2: OpenLink --- 3: FenceView

Second Step:Set Up reading times and each period of length

SecureView is the most popular way to prevent download and forword
Try FenceView if you require bit more restriction

Access Limit

Each Session


Unlimited open will be applied if 'Access-Limit' is over 10k,and no access record will be logged

Don't forget Create in Step2
Reading Code:To Identify PDF
Password:"To Del.MOD Link"
Change File VIEW FILE!

Scan QR Code To Read

If someone forgets to save the QR code after creating a shareable link on MaiPDF, they can easily regenerate the code by visiting the website's qr.php page. This provides an added level of convenience and security for users who may have lost or misplaced the original QR code.