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MaiPDF's share PDF on cloud offers enhanced control and visibility over document access. It allows you to securely share PDFs with specific individuals, track readership, and monitor document activity. This can be beneficial in scenarios where you want to maintain confidentiality, ensure accountability, or gain insights into document usage.

Convert text-based PDFs into image PDFs

Set PDF as Non-Editable or Print-Only

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MaiPDF enables you to convert PDFs that primarily consist of text into image-based PDFs. This conversion process transforms the textual content into images, ensuring that the original formatting and layout are preserved. The resulting image PDF is a visual representation of the original document.

Offline PDF with DRM.

PDFs in HTML with DRM
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MaiPDF also offers the ability to generate offline HTML files from PDFs. The offline version feature allows you to convert a PDF into an HTML file that can be accessed and viewed offline. The HTML file retains the same display and functionality as the online version, providing a seamless reading experience.

QR maker

generate QR codes for various types of content

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MaiPDF's QR Maker feature allows you to generate QR codes for various types of content, including images, Wi-Fi networks, phone numbers, SMS messages, and website URLs. With this feature, you can easily create QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones or QR code readers. The QR Maker feature also enables you to generate shareable links for images. This means you can upload an image to MaiPDF and generate a unique link that can be shared with others. When someone accesses the link, they can view the image directly in their browser, without the need for any additional software or downloads.

IP Tracker

URl Tracker
Email Tracker

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Grabify is a free web-based IP grabbing/URL shortening tool. (IP grabbing just as it implies simply means getting/grabbing peoples IP addresses. )

Self-destruct Notes

A web-based application that allows users to create self-destructing notes that can be shared with others

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Javascript Keycode Detection

keycode reference

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MaiPDF is a versatile online platform that offers various PDF-related features. Here are some of its functionalities:
1. Online PDF Sharing and Security: MaiPDF allows you to upload PDF files and generate personalized links or QR codes for sharing. You can set security parameters, such as limiting the number of times the file can be read or preventing copying and printing. Additionally, you can share up to 100 MB of PDF files securely.
2. Convert PDF to Images: MaiPDF enables you to convert text-based PDFs into image-based PDFs. This preserves the original formatting and layout by representing each page as an image.
3. Privnote (Self-Destructing Notes): Privnote, integrated with MaiPDF, allows you to create self-destructing private notes. Share a link, and once the recipient reads it, the note automatically disappears.

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