Time-Limited Access and Expiration Dates

MaiPDF, the groundbreaking solution for DRM-protected PDFs, offers more than just convenience and accessibility. In addition to converting PDFs into HTML format, MaiPDF introduces advanced features that enhance document security. This article explores the notable advantage of time-limited access and expiration dates in MaiPDF's offline DRM, providing users with robust control over their protected files.

Time-Limited Access: MaiPDF's offline DRM allows users to set limitations on the duration of file access. With time-limited access, users can specify the period during which the protected HTML file can be opened and viewed. This feature is particularly useful when sharing sensitive documents for a limited time, such as contracts, confidential reports, or time-sensitive information. Users can define the access duration to align with their specific requirements, ensuring that the content remains accessible only within the designated timeframe.

Expiration Dates: Another powerful feature offered by MaiPDF's offline DRM is the ability to set expiration dates for HTML files. Users can define an expiration date for the protected document, after which the file becomes inaccessible. This feature is ideal for ensuring that content remains confidential and relevant within a specific timeframe. It adds an extra layer of security by automatically revoking access to the protected document once the expiration date is reached. Users can easily manage document lifecycles and maintain control over sensitive information, even after it has been shared.

Dual Restriction System: MaiPDF takes document security a step further by providing a dual restriction system. Users have the flexibility to apply both time-limited access and expiration dates to their HTML files. This combination offers comprehensive control over document accessibility. For example, a user can set a time-limited access of one week and an expiration date of one month. If either restriction is met, such as the specified time period elapsing or the expiration date passing, the HTML file will become inaccessible, further safeguarding the content from unauthorized access.


MaiPDF's offline DRM sets new standards in document protection by offering time-limited access and expiration dates for HTML files. Users can precisely control when and for how long their protected documents can be accessed, adding an extra layer of security to confidential information. With the ability to set dual restrictions and provide user-friendly notifications, MaiPDF empowers users to maintain control over their documents' lifecycle and protect sensitive content. Whether sharing contracts, reports, or other time-sensitive information, MaiPDF ensures that files remain secure and accessible only within defined timeframes.

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