Image QR code Maker

MaiPDF QR is an online QR code tool. This tool can quickly help users generate QR codes from pictures, links, phone numbers, PDF files, and wifi, so that others can view some key information by scanning the QR code on their mobile phones. .
It should be said that it is relatively simple to generate a two-dimensional code from a picture through MaiPDF QR, and the function is also very rich. As long as I open this tool page, I can quickly upload photos or pictures on my mobile phone or computer, and click "Generate" to generate a QR code and a link from the picture. Others only need to scan the QR code. , you can see the image you just uploaded.

And this tool also provides a very interesting tracking service. When generating the QR code and link of the picture, it also provides a "tracking link". Through this link, we can view the opening record of the picture. Open IP, we think that through this IP address, you can know where your pictures have been opened by people.
Step 1: Of course, go to the MaiPDF home page and select the QR maker
Step 2: Uploading the images you want to share and click "Generate"
Step 3: At this Page, you will get QR code and links for this set of images
Step 4: An example of Tracking Link

Go to MaiPDF QR maker
Of course, if you have more copied graphic content to display, then we recommend you to use the PDF option in the tool. This is the same as generating a link QR code from an image, and the operation is very simple. You are welcome to use it, you do not need to use any information to register.