How people share PDF files

Means of sharing
This article recommends a tool that can convert pdf documents into links and QR codes. Generating links to PDF files is very useful. We can display the content of the file anytime and anywhere without having to think about how I should send the PDF file. If the PDF file is sent as an attachment, it is very troublesome for the sender and the recipient. Sending through IM is often difficult to achieve the effect of information dissemination. There are also some users who need to share PDFs on social media like Facebook, and it is not smart to simply rely on uploading files. If PDF is an instruction manual, then it becomes very inconvenient to use email or IM.

How to share PDF as a link
Therefore, we need a H5 page that can quickly convert PDF into a link, and display the content of the pdf file as soon as it is opened. This tool is free to use, and you can choose to register or use the tourist mode. There are no restrictions on the number of readings and usage restrictions. This advantage over other QR code tools is mainly in the following aspects
  • It can be opened directly through the link, and the original ecological display PDF file (no superfluous function)
  • No annoying applet jumps (users are tired of such jumps)
  • Set a limited number of opening times for PDF files (the number of times after reading is reached - burning)
  • Various security requirements can be set, such as not downloading, not printing, reading time
  • You can set reading reminders (email reminders - free)
  • You can modify the file content again after the link is shared
  • Rich document control panel (free for registered users) and quick settings (can be used without registration)

It can be used for intellectual property protection. Ensure the security of academic and research information.
You can set up a downloadable version that is convenient for diffusion, or set up a safe link to prevent illegal forwarding. After the PDF generated link is sent to others, the link is still remotely controlled by the author, and the content in the link can be replaced at any time, or the setting is invalid. This tool is not restricted to use like other paid tools. However, friends still need to pay attention to when setting the opening times and reading time, be sure not to leave blank, because this will be randomly assigned 10 times, if you want the file to be opened unlimited times, you can fill in the opening times such as 999999, more than 100,000 times, it is regarded as unlimited open times, the number of readings is set within 10,000 times, and the open records of the file can be queried, which can clearly let you know when the file was opened and on which device the file was opened. A phone or a computer.

Needs Help
The site has some how-to videos to quickly check out before using it. If the file is no longer wanted and needs to be deleted, you can replace the file with a replacement method, or you can send an email to [email protected] for more detailed questions.